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Our approach to RPI

Delivering long-term sustainable returns is not just about financial factors. By integrating environmental, social and governance factors into our investment thinking we are able to better future-proof our portfolios.

This is why at M&G Real Estate, we have proactively addressed RPI issues for more than a decade, leading the agenda in this critical area in order to add value and drive returns for our clients over the long-term.

Our approach to RPI

We continue to work towards our ambitious vision of becoming a global leader in RPI. To achieve this goal, we need to inject new momentum, innovation and principles into our approach. This is where our new RPI strategy comes in.

We are focusing on four key impact areas

our approach to rpi

Enhance & transform Being at the forefront of identifying and influencing the drivers of change and shaping our investment strategies accordingly, we will aim to continue to deliver strong returns for our investors in the long term.

Safeguard & future-proof Combining innovation with best-in-class management, we will set the bar for exceptional workplaces, homes and leisure destination, which have enduring appeal and benefit local communities and economies around the world.


2025 Objectives

Socio-economic benefit



The urban environment and built form has a huge impact on economic success, social cohesion and quality of life.

We can create positive socio-economic outcomes by:

  • creating high quality places where people want to be
  • driving economic growth
  • supporting employment opportunities and skill development
  • being an active participant in communities.

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Environmental excellence



Driving environmental improvements at our assets reduces operating costs, carbon emissions and the use of natural resources. This helps attract and retain occupiers, and ensures we appropriately manage environmental risks.

We can drive environmental excellence by:

  • improving operational efficiency and reducing occupier costs
  • increasing onsite energy generation and seek to procure electricity from renewable sources
  • understanding and managing climate change risks
  • seek to drive circular economy thinking in our supply chain processes.

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Health, wellbeing & occupier experience



We believe that if people enjoy being in our buildings, investment performance will follow through lower vacancy rates and higher rents.

We can enhance health, wellbeing and the occupier experience by:

  • engaging with our occupiers to understand what is positive and where we can improve
  • managing places that are accessible to all
  • supporting high productivity by providing the best quality buildings.

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Smart, secure and connected


Smart physical and digital infrastructure is crucial to the competitiveness and success of countries, cities and buildings, as well as positively benefitting inhabitants.

We can create smart, secure, connected buildings by:

  • understanding how best we can adapt our assets to change driven by technological advancement
  • adapting and innovating by trialling technologies and deploying widely those that are successful
  • maintaining the highest levels of digital security to protect our business and that of our occupiers and visitors.

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Responsible Property Investment in Action

These case studies evidence our Responsible Property Investment strategy in action.

For source information, please refer to the full case studies.

Compass One, Sengkang, Singapore

IM1531_RPI_Website_Circle 2
  • We undertook a major refurbishment of this 25,000 sq m shopping mall in late 2015 to increase rental income and target energy efficiency.
  • Key achievements against our impact areas

- public library was reconfigured across two storeys, with a larger footprint

- 1.5 million kWh reduction in annual energy use

- awarded BCA Green Mark Gold Certification, highlighting energy and water efficiency

- wet and dry playground developed for our younger visitors

- transport connections considered in reconfiguration of the asset

We have driven positive outcomes at this asset against our key impact areas:


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No 2 Forbury Place, Reading, UK

  • The Forbury Place Estate, in Reading, UK, consists of three high quality office buildings, two of which have completed very recently. No 2 Forbury Place, a 17,750 sq m building, completed in 2017, utilising the principles of our Sustainable Development Framework.
  • Key achievements against our impact areas:

- micro CHP (Combined Heat & Power) unit; photovoltaic panels; rainwater harvesting; and a green roof were integrated into the build

- ten apprentices were employed on the construction project

- a 370 sq m roof terrace developed alongside a series of garden spaces at ground level

- Platinum WiredScore rating achieved

We have driven positive outcomes at this asset against our key impact areas:


Read the full case study

Rehearsal Rooms, London, UK

  • In 2017, we reached practical completion on the first fully institutionally funded Build-to-Rent scheme. The Rehearsal Rooms comprises 173 one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments in North Acton, West London.
  • Key achievements against our impact areas:

- rooftop allotment, barbecue terrace and communal play deck providing exercise equipment for residents

- communal facilities, such as residents’ lounge, and a programme of activities and events

- apartments designed to a high standard to enable easier maintenance and lower utility bills

- onsite electric car sharing scheme, charging points and secure storage for 225 bicycles

We have driven positive outcomes at this asset against our key impact areas:


Read the full case study

Blekholmen 1, Stockholm, Sweden

  • In line with our strategy of acquiring assets in major European hubs served by excellent transport links, in 2017 we purchased Blekholmen 1, a 34,000 sq m, multi-let office scheme comprising six linked buildings.
  • Key achievements against our impact areas:

- high quality digital infrastructure, including digital signs in the entrance displaying real time transport information

- broad mix of 30 tenants, some of which encourage more businesses to spend time at the asset

- green lease clauses have been signed, a commitment to be more eco-friendly

- three eateries available on-site and the plaza creates a community feel

We have driven positive outcomes at this asset against our key impact areas:


Read the full case study

For source information, please refer to the full case studies.

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