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Insights and market news

For insights, thought leadership and market commentaries straight from the fund management floor. Some of the views expressed on this page are from third parties and should not be taken as M&G's views.


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2020 SEP

Fund updates

Fund Manager, Alex Araujo


M&G (Lux) Global Themes Fund: Themes grounded in reality (ASIA)

Thematic investing can be, in our view, a compelling way to seek to deliver long-term equity market returns by targeting companies benefiting from powerful structural trends.
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2020 JUL

Fund updates

Michael Bourke, Fund Manager


M&G Lux Global Emerging Markets Fund: Investing in the time of COVID-19 - H1 2020 Review

In their earlier predictions for 2020, many market experts made tongue - in - cheek references to having 20:20 vision. The following six months ha ve showed the clarity of those predictions to be somewhat short - sighted. The first half of this year has been unprecedented and cau ght everyone by surprise.
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2020 JUN


M&G Investments


Pandemic: The inextricable link between human, animal and ecosystem health and the emergence of communicable disease

This research analyses the interconnectedness of global factors such as population growth, unsustainable production and consumption, resource scarcity and climate change with the emergence of communicable diseases, a topic that is particularly relevant at the moment.

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